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Beat the queue for the Proton X50

There’s a nine-month waiting list for the X50 and here’s how to jump the queue and get yours tax-free

If you’ve booked the hottest car in the Malaysian market, the Proton X50, here’s the way to jump the 9 month queue.

In the meantime, ignore the terrible rumours about why the waiting list is so long because many of these rumours are fed by people, some of whom have their own agendas.

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Another chance arises to fix Malaysia’s auto industry

There was a cheerful press release from Proton last week talking about plans to export its cars to Kenya, Pakistan, Brunei, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Congratulations to Proton.

But, all of these countries registered a total of 257,000 new car sales in 2019 compared to Indonesia and Thailand’s combined 2.2 million new car sales over the same period of time.

So why doesn’t Proton sell its cars to our two neighbors?

To cut a long story short: it’s because Malaysia’s locally assembled cars are not price competitive.

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