Noting that cross border travel had recently been allowed, we thought that we’d go camping with our SUV’s and 4×4 vehicles in the week before Christmas.

Alvin who initiated the trip drew up an itinerary where, starting from Kuala Lipis, we would break camp every day, have lunch at a town en-route to the next campground.

This was an attractive innovation because with Waze and Whatsapp, the participants could join or depart on any day of the 7-day event.

Keeping to the SOP of maximum of 20 persons in a group was easy because our group started with 8 vehicles and 13 participants.

But because of the unsanitary conditions of the government designated recreational spot, three of the participants with families departed the following day and proceeded to a known and favourite beach campground at Batu Rakit, Terengganu.

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