Fuzi Magic is her nickname and this petite lady is unstoppable.

We met at “I Play Park” the MBPJ designated recreational site of Damansara Damai, which is a mixed housing area of about 120,000 residents of which 60 per cent at in the B40 category where the household earns less than rm4,850 a month.

“I don’t do any magic. I believe in God and destiny,” Fuzi Hanim, hurries to add.

“It was a word that stuck with me from the dark days of the Asian Financial crisis in 1998 when the building materials industry where I was employed was affected.

“Frontliners like me in sales were hit badly and I was going quite crazy. So I turned to writing to inspire me to move on. Before that, I never bothered about it. But when you have time on your hands, then you start to write,” said Fuzi, a director of an electrical engineering equipment company, Boulevard Engineering Sdn Bhd.

 “No one knew my love for writing but it saved me from being depressed. Writing made me excited again because you have a new project. So when I visited my suppliers and clients, they said, “You look so happy … why you look so happy.” So I told them “I have a new project,” 

“What new project? Where got project now? So I said, “My writing project.”

“At that time, there was no work … no business. When the phone rang asking for supply, we were also scared …

“If we delivered, we were scared about payment. If we didn’t supply, we were also scared about offending the customer.

“After that they asked me What’s the story about? And so we talked and they were inspired.

“It took me two years to write my first book Wink at Life. We need to wink at life then only life will wink back at us.

Business started to improve and Fuzi re-structured her business. That also meant Fuzi re-focussed on building industry business and put creative writing on hold again.

Another children’s comic she published “Aliens from Glolan”, was printed and sponsored by the late Peter Lee Moon Thong.

Her charity organisation Fuzimagic Goodwill Society is focussed on children education and to develop marketable skills including English communications.

L to R: Fuzi, Divakar, Cammie

Together with her vice-president, Cammie Choo, the NGO has development programmes for students between 7 years old – 12 years old.

The NGO volunteers focus on Art and Drama, Song and Dance, Living Skills, and Green Activities.

Coming back to the donation of food rations for B40, the Damansara Damai community was organised by Sharifah Aida and her colleagues, Anna and Mohd Fikri from the Hati Budi NGO.

The toilets, car park and acres of original primary forest are from the Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) while the NGO provides the maintenance and programme activities including the children’s jungle and stream playground.

“Let them experience nature. Climb trees, play in the stream. No plastic playground,” said a visibly proud Fikri, a pensioner from the aviation sector.

“The money for activities and maintenance comes from the community. And the volunteers come from the community. We have about 120,000 in Damansada Damai. Most of the B40 stay in the PPR flats: Harmony, Idaman and Lestari,” Fikri said.

Fuzi added that while her NGO had other PPR areas, this was her first activity in Damansara Damai.

“The main problem is how to observe the SOP during the MCO, how to control so that there is no crowding. Mainly, we organise the activities outdoor, to systematically avoid crowds in a confined space.

“We registered our NGO four years ago, but we had already been active about eight years ago before that,” she said.

For more information about Fuzi and her NGO activity: browse www.fuzimagic.com or email her at fuzhanim@yahoo.com

SH Loh

If you need 4×4 all-terrain mobility to transport donation items to remote areas, there are also many NGOs including the MRC 4×4 Team which was led by Mr SH Low for this particular mission. It was a bit of magic here because Low Seow Huei and Fuzi were colleagues about 30 years ago at Ipmuda before they re-connected at this event.